At NOLA Lending Group, we value social media as another avenue to communicate with our community. Representatives of NOLA Lending Group monitor our social media outlet(s) during regular banking hours and will do our best to reply to comments in a timely manner.

Given that social media is a public forum, NOLA Lending Group asks that participants treat each other with respect when interacting. NOLA Lending Group reserves the right to remove any posts deemed inappropriate.

We strive to provide customers with interesting banking news and relevant articles; however, this does not constitute financial advice. If you have specific questions, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our bankers.

If you are a current NOLA Lending Group customer, you should never post personal information relating to your account(s) with NOLA Lending Group. Posts including information that could potentially jeopardize the security of your account(s) with NOLA Lending Group will be removed.