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Temporary Buydown Program

A temporary buydown is a mortgage option where the interest rate is reduced temporarily for the first one, two, or three years of your mortgage. Once the temporary reduction period ends, you will be responsible for making your full monthly mortgage payment.

Buydown Types:

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1-0 (1 year)

Year 1: Interest rate is reduced by 1%

Year 2 & Beyond: Full Note rate

2-1 (2 years)

Year 1: Interest rate is reduced by 2%

Year 2: Interest rate is reduced by 1%

Year 3: Full Note rate

1-1 (2 years)

Year 1 & 2: Interest rate is reduced by 1%

Year 3 & Beyond: Full Note rate

3-2-1 (3 years)

Year 1: Interest rate is reduced by 3%

Year 2: Interest rate is reduced by 2%

Year 3: Interest rate is reduced by 1%

Year 4 & Beyond: Full Note rate



Borrower Benefits:

Lower Monthly Payments: During the temporary reduction period, enjoy making lesser monthly mortgage payments which can help ease you into your full mortgage payment once the temporary reduction period is over. 

Less Total Interest: Compared to a fixed mortgage, the temporary buydown mortgage reduces the total amount of interest paid over the life of the loan. You are not expected to pay back any difference between your monthly mortgage payments paid during and after the temporary reduction period. 


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